How to use Google Search Console to see if your SEO efforts are working

Have you been busy optimising your site for SEO in the hope to increase the amount of organic traffic to your site? If you have, it can be disheartening when you don’t start to see results straight away. The reality is that it takes some time. Just how much time is different for everyone. It depends on how old your … Read More

10 Website mistakes that could be costing you money

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Gone are the days of needing a team of developers and designers just to get a website live. With content management systems such as Wix, WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace it is now possible for almost anyone to build their own website or to call themselves a website designer. This brings with it problems though. There is a lot more to … Read More

What is Google Search Console

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Google Search Console (previously called Google Webmaster Tools) is a must have if you want to see how Google is crawling and indexing your website. It is really easy to set up and will allow you to: See what terms people have typed into Google and what position your page was in the results See who has linked to your site Check … Read More

Beginners guide to using Google Analytics & setting goals

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“You can only improve what you measure” Tom Peters Hopefully you have your Google analytics account already created and connected up to your website. If not, check out Beginners guide to installing Google Analytics and get it set up now. In this post you are going to learn some basic google analytics terminology and what information you may be interested in checking … Read More