GrubFinder Website

The Job

GrubFinder is my website. I created it back in 2010 to use as a bit of a testing ground. I have used it to learn about responsive websites, SEO and making money from directories.

The Result

I initially used Drupal to build the website. A few years later I did a large upgrade to make it responsive.

A couple of years ago I moved to WordPress and the Listify theme.

I have also used various hosts which allows me to try them out before recommending them for clients. There are always pros and cons to consider. After running on Siteground’s cloud hosting for a couple of years I have just recently moved the site to the Australian host Panthur.


  • WordPress website using the Listify theme with some customisations
  • 1000s of suburb and city pages for SEO
  • Google Ads for revenue
  • MenuLog and EatNow Affiliate links for revenue
  • Mailchimp integration


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