Beginners guide to installing Google Analytics

Google Analytics on a laptop

Why every website must have Google Analytics installed If you own a shop it doesn’t take too much to figure out if you are attracting people. You either have people coming into your shop or you don’t. If no one is coming in, you know that you have a problem that you need to work on. It is also easy to … Read More

What is a favicon and how to add one in 10 minutes

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A favicon (pronounced FAH-vah-cohn) is the little logo icon that appears in your browser tabs and help you stand out from the crowd. They enable users to quickly work out which site is yours when they have lots of tabs open. They are also displayed in your bookmark list. The more tabs you have open at once the more important it is. … Read More

Can your website be held hostage?

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Sometimes when I start work with a client, they are not able to give me all of the information that I need to do work on their website. This information is not only important for me, but it is essential for them to have it so they don’t lose control of their domain name and possibly website. Generally speaking, this shouldn’t happen, but … Read More