Healthy Website Review Package

Has your website got problems that could be costing you $1000s in lost sales?

I can audit your website and prepare a detailed report explaining what you are doing well and what needs work.

You may wonder what experience I have and why you would trust me. I have been working with large Corporate clients for almost 20 years, creating and improving their websites. My About page has more details.

I will help you identify what actions you need to take and in what priority, to ensure that your website is:

  • Attracting customers
  • Backed up & secure
  • Usable
  • And doing everything to turn visitors into customers

You will get a personalised report covering all of the following for a fixed price of: AU$399


What is covered in your report


Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) recommendations to ensure your site ranks well on search engines like Google and you attract free traffic to your site.

Usability & IA

Recommendations on your navigation structure, ability to find content, consistency of navigation and general usability.

Content Audit

A review of your content and the provision of a list of content that your website should include and any improvements that should be made to the copy.


I will provide details of functionality that you should consider adding to your site, and recommendations that may increase conversions from your site.

Reporting & Metrics

I will help you to correctly set up Google analytics on your website and Google Search Console so that you can track traffic on your website and monitor the impact of the improvements that you make.


I will run performance tests on your site and provide details of any problems that are impacting the speed.


I will perform a basic security audit and check that you are not recording personal details in your analytics reports.

Maintenance & Backup

A review of your current maintenance and backup plan or the provision of a recommended plan to ensure that you have a backup of your site if it was to be hacked or your service provider was hacked.

Book your review

I will check your website and then contact you to organise a call. You only need to pay once I confirm that I can help you.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”Bill Gates